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Although I have used the Microsoft Suite for a long time, Excel has been my most used tool. Just the other day I was quickly moving about a large spreadsheet in helping someone. When I was told to slow down and explain how I was able to move about the spreadsheet quickly without using the mouse.

So, I decided to share with others who may be a refresher and for those who would like to learn how to use your keyboard instead of your mouse.

  1. To quickly move to the bottom of a range, hold down CTRL and press ↓. You can also move to the top as well as right or left using CTRL and your arrow keys.MOVE1move2
  2.  To select cells moving down, hold down SHIFT and press ↓. ↓. You can also select cells to the right or left using SHIFT and your arrow keys.Select1select2
  1. To select a complete range, press CTRL + a. If you press CTRL + a one more time Excel selects the entire sheet.
  2. select_range1

While the range is selected you can copy (CTRL + c) or cut (CTRL + x) the selected range, and paste (CTRL + v) to a new location.


Now that may seem very basic, I often forget that not everyone uses Excel on a daily basis.

The last tip that can save you time is to also use insert a sum formula using your keyboard.

Select the cell F2


To insert the SUM formula, press ATL +=, and press Enterformula2

To add the formula to the other cells in column F, select F2, hold down SHIFT and press ↓.two times.


To fill the formula down, press CTRL + d


Hopefully,  you found these keyboard tips helpful in using Excel keystrokes instead of a mouse.   We will build on fundamental tips using Excel in the coming weeks.