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December is here and with it comes another time to reflect on how you did with your time, profession, and money this pass year. Plus, look ahead and plan for the start of another year. A time for planning can be also a bittersweet moment, when you realize that all the good intentions you considered may have been altered by life circumstances, an illness, a reduction of income or even an abundance to income not expected in the form of unexpected inheritance.

Nonetheless, staying focused while realigning a plan is hard work. Definitely need to take time to laugh readjust and keep at it.


As I review the highlights of this year I can honestly say that it was a year of learning like cramming a 4 year college degree into one year. Some topics were tough even failed at the first try, but thank goodness for retakes. Some professors were excellent teachers who taught from the heart enjoying in sharing knowledge and assisting in my success and understanding.

While other instructors just pushed assignments and deadlines as a form of teaching. Which meant I had to dig deeper and figure out how to use other resources to learn the topic well enough to pass and ended up learning much more about the subject than anticipated.

Grateful for the peers and encouragement from family and friends to stay the course. I may not have been on the dean’s list all year but definitely graduated with honors.

Now it is time to put my year of education to work. Applying knowledge and discipline in helping others be the best version of themselves. It is wonderful when you realize that the root of who you are never leaves you.

I am a teacher at heart I enjoy sharing what I have experienced, and learned from mentors, life and mistakes.   Plus, I love helping others learn to manage their finances and use technology. Yes, I am a gadget gal, like to use technology as tools for efficiency. I have been a resource to friends and peers on how to use Excel so often that I decided use my blog to share tips on using common software.



In 2015 I will return to the field of tax preparation, teaching and bookkeeping for small business and personal budgeting.  Looking forward to a great year stay connected we are going to cover a lot of ground.

What will you be starting in 2015?