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In January, a host of resolutions are made and some may reflect in December of the past year and plan to make the best choices to grow, change or manage their lives. I like the Chris Brogan’s #3words2015 concept to select a few words that will inspire you to stay on track for the year with your goals. My #3words for 2015 are: Intentional, Balance and Fun.

I plan to be intentional in areas that will complement my goals to grow my business, my personal financial status and being intentional with relationships be it personal, family or business. My values and goals in these areas is what makes me who I am. Furthermore, I know when making lofty goals in January I tend to start off too rigid and eventually stop, so my second word is Balance.


I have learned the hard way that Balance is vital, necessary so you don’t miss out on being present when unexpected yet wonderful moments come up like laughing with a friend or those unexpected life events like a flat tire. Balance is what will keep me grounded so I can be flexible as needed.


Therefore, Fun is my third word. I want to have fun this new year of adventure, I want to look for the stuff that put a smile on my face or share fun times with others. At the end of the day I want to look back and see that in all my intentional focus and balance I can smile, laugh out loud and enjoy the journey.


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Plus, I’ll be updating on how my 3words for the year are working out and what is not working. Looking forward to 2015 with an anticipation that I usually don’t start off with. I like to plan first, analyze all options, experience slowly then make adjustments as needed… but this time I am ready to jump in and do the things I am passionate about with Intention, Balance and Fun.